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Glow & Relax

Glow&Relax™ Neck And Shoulder Massager

Glow&Relax™ Neck And Shoulder Massager

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Discover the revolutionary technology of the Glow&Relax™ Neck And Shoulder Massager and unwind your neck and shoulder muscles in a way that exceeds your expectations!

Do you feel stressed after a long day of work? 

Do you want to get rid of neck and shoulder discomfort? 

Do you want to feel relaxed and rejuvenated with a soothing massage in the comfort of your home?

Say goodbye to neck and shoulder discomfort, and embrace another level of comfort with our Glow&Relax™ Neck And Shoulder Massager! It is a discomfort-reliever massager that can help you get rid of tension in your neck and shoulders. It is designed to work with heat, so it can provide a deep-tissue massage that reduces muscle tension and stress.

Designed with a new 6D Pinch-Kneading Massage, the shiatsu massager goes beyond any regular shoulder massager. Working together, the 6 heads create a pinch movement flow that simulates a real hand massage, pressing the entire neck and shoulder muscle area, achieving the same profound shiatsu massage experience you would experience during a massage section.

Smart Shiatsu neck and shoulder massager with real hand like massage

  • Muscle relief: Within a couple of minutes of working those still shoulder muscles, the massager will take you from discomfort to relief.
  • Wireless Convenience: Equipped with a 2000mAh battery, our massager offers cord-free mobility for a hassle-free massage experience.
  • Portability: Its compact design makes it perfect for home use or on-the-go relaxation.
  • USB-C Charging: Effortless recharging ensures you're always prepared for your next massage session.
  • Smart Heating: Experience the soothing benefits of heat therapy, promoting blood circulation and muscle relaxation.
  • Dual Kneading Modes: Choose from two massage modes, tailored to your preferences – gentle or deep kneading.
  • Auto Shut-off: Set the 10-minute timer for a safe and worry-free massage session.
  • Adjustable Strap: Keep the massager in the perfect position without needing to hold it, while also controlling the massage pressure.

Benefits of the Glow&Relax™ Neck And Shoulder Massager:

  • Targeted Relief: Simultaneous pressure on your neck and shoulders effectively targets sore points, penetrating the fascial layer for deep relief.
  • Deep Heat Therapy: The gentle heat radiates across your neck and shoulders, providing deep relaxation and muscle tension relief.
  • Versatile Use: Extend the benefits to other areas, such as your lower back, arms, thighs, and calves with the dynamic squeeze and pinch function.

U-shapped Smart Shiatsu Massager

Backed by Science and Proven Benefits Glow&Relax™ Neck And Shoulder Massager employs Myofascial Release Therapy (MRT), a method backed by scientific research and recognized for its effectiveness in treating upper back and neck conditions.
The massager reactivates the circulation of peripheral blood vessels in the targeted regions, enhancing vascularization and oxygenation.
This action not only reduces fatigue and pain but also reaches nerve ending points, relaxing the muscles and detensioning fibers and tendons in the cervical, clavicular, and scapular regions.
With Glow&Relax™ Neck And Shoulder Massager, you get a scientifically grounded, therapeutic device that provides deep, restorative massage, improves circulation, and promotes overall well- being, all tailored to your personal preferences and needs.


Product Information:

  • Product Size: 57x24x17CM
  • Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
  • Product Net Weight: 1.170kg

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