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Glow & Relax

Glow&Relax™ Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

Glow&Relax™ Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

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Experience effortless precision and flawless grooming with the Glow&Relax™ Electric Eyebrow Trimmer – your ultimate tool for achieving perfectly shaped brows with ease.

Winksbeaute Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

Achieve flawless eyebrows with the Glow&Relax™ Electric Eyebrow Trimmer from our store. This cutting-edge grooming tool is crafted for precise and effortless shaping, allowing you to sculpt brows that beautifully frame your face. With its micro-precision blades, the Eyebrow Trimmer expertly tidies stray hairs, preserving your natural arch and accentuating your facial features. Whether you prefer bold, defined brows or a subtle, elegant look, this trimmer puts you in complete control.


1. Lipstick shape, carry-on size, compact size and convenient to use, suitable for travel or home use
2. Safe, gently trim the eyebrows, will not harm the skin, giving you flawless and long-lasting smoothness while being gentle enough to use every day.
3. Can be rinsed directly, clean and hygienic.
4. Simple operation, save your time, very suitable for makeup novices as well as makeup lovers and i
deal for all female beauty seekers.

Charging time: 1-2 Hours
Use time: 90 Minutes
Battery:300 mAh battery
Input: DC 5V 1A
Power: 5W
Power Supply: USB charge

Package Contents:
1* Electric Eyebrow Trimmer
1* USB charging cable
1* Instruction manual

Elevate your beauty routine and unlock the secret to effortlessly groomed brows with the Glow&Relax™ Electric Eyebrow Trimmer – because flawless brows are just a trim away.

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